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Our Impact

Millennials are the largest population and we know that we help financial planners brand their company the right way we can do a lot of good work in the world. We also know that we have to create unorthodox ways to establish trust.



We are here because there is a communication gap between Millennials and the financial planning industry. Content planning is the lifeblood of successful companies, and as millennials.

The Quarter Design focuses on helping financial planning firms manage, retain, and boost the productivity and performance of their firms. We provide systems, and create e-workshops, and supplemental virtual presentations to equip planners with the necessary tools to effectively engage, communicate and coach millennials.

Since 2014 The Quarter Design has been ahead of the Millennial Engagement Trend. The Quarter Design turned from a lifestyle blog turned into a company. Through extensive research we realized that most Millennials wanted improvement at their jobs and with their money, but did not have plan to get them out of their financial rut.



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  • Integrity

  • Curiosity

  • Efficiency

  • Honesty

We believe that communication is key to everyone's success. Feedback is a gift, but growth is intentional. We individually seek to understand ourselves first, in order to make the Quarter Design grow.