We transform millennials from corporate tourists into architects of a shared future

30 Billion Dollars lost due
to Millennial turnover in the US
— Gallup Research Poll

Why are we here?

Did you know that $30 billion dollars are being lost annually due to Millennial Retention?

We are here because there is a communication gap between companies and employees. Collaborative teams are the lifeblood of successful companies, and as millennials invade the workplace, they bring new obstacles to their creation. 

The Quarter Design focuses on helping companies manage, retain, and boost the productivity and performance of their multi-generational workforce.  We provide one-on-one training, live workshops, and supplemental virtual presentations to equip managers with tools necessary to effectively engage, communicate and coach millennials.

Current landscape of Millennials in the workplace

  • 55%  Not engaged at work
  • 16% Actively Disengaged at work 





71% Percent of Millennials

Are not actively engaged at work and are actively looking for other places of employment. This staggering statistic shows that there are huge misconceptions between employees and the company outcomes.You might already understand the role of effective communication in the workplace but you may not have the time or team to do it.


Together we'll improve workplace communication for your multi-generational workforce to increase productivity and retention.


Partnered with

We conducted research with Temple University's Fox School Of Business. We interviewed Philadelphia's top HR executives and Millennials to find out what is the missing link between effective communication.