Top Millennial Workplace Experts

Over the past year, The Quarter Design has researched Millennial retention and productivity. We’ve compiled a list of experts that want to help companies improving millennial retention. Here are the top 3 Millennial Workplace Experts:

1.Lindsey Pollak

Lindsey helps Millennials make the big leap from college to career. In her recent book Becoming Boss, Pollak explains the how and what tools Millennials need to succeed in a company. 


2. Alice Stapleton


A scientist at heart Alice Stapleton, has researched a critical time in most Millennial life, called the Quarter Life Crisis. She specifically helps Millennials understand their crisis in order to be an effective employee in the workplace.


3. Adam Smiley

Adam uses retreats and conferences to help Millennial understand their work environment.  In his recent book a Quarter Life Breakthrough, he helps Millennials develop their soft skills to enhance their productivity.