Communication and Flexibility is Crucial for Retaining Millennials

Communication and flexibility are a top priority for companies that want to retain their Millennials. Fortune released their list for 100 Best Workplaces for Millennials. Here are the key takeaways from the survey:


Millennials Value Flexibility

Millennials want and need to be heard. Most Millennials described their workplace as providing them with the opportunity to be flexible On Millennial explained that they work on “a variety of projects and am given the flexibility to discover what they are truly passionate about.” Flexibility boost employee morale which increases productivity.

 Millennials will Move to Smaller Cities for Better Work Environment


Millennials aren’t concerned about living in the biggest cities if their needs are met elsewhere. Some of the top companies like Wegman Food in Rochester and Navy Federal Credit Union in Virginia were ranked in the top twenty. One surveyor said that “This company, from the top down, cares about its employees. Employees here have each other’s backs and pitch in when someone needs it, knowing they would receive that same benefit in return.” Millennials care about company communication instead of location.



The companies that value their employees communicate regularly. Across the board, many Millennials felt that their opinions mattered with their bosses stayed. Learning from companies like Zillow and Kimley-Horn show that not only do their care, but they are interested in Millennials. Kimley-Horn goes a far enough to encourage young Millennials to have lunch with their executives.

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