Behind the Scene: From Blog to Business

In this article you will learn about how the Quarter Design became a communication consulting firm.

Three years ago, founder of The Quarter Design. Eugenie George, felt stuck in her career.  She like many Millennials, had followed the American Dream and got stuck in her life professionally.  In a recent interview by Temple University Eugenie exclaimed . “I had literally hit every goal I set for myself in my life, and I wasn’t happy.”

Restless at work, Eugenie began to research the concept a Quarter Life Crisis. A Quarter Life Crisis is when one is feeling stuck and unable to communicate their goals. She noticed that almost everyone at her between the ages of 24-27 were experiencing this Crisis.

Eugenie started a blog finding out tools and techniques to cope with a Quarter Life Crisis. She interviewed over a hundred 20 somethings and found that her productivity increased when she understood that the crisis problem it is a cultural phenomena that isn’t talked about enough.


From Blog to Business

After blogging and interviewing a Quarter Life Crisis, Eugenie read everything she could on the topic, and eventually flew to London to meet Alice Stapleton. Stapleton is one of the primary writers and researchers on the quarter-life crisis. “She realized that talking about Quarter Life Crisis doesn’t help fix the problem, trying to focus on the strategies and tools to get out of a crisis is the key.

Eugenie wanted to help Millennials on a much bigger scale than a blog so she reached out to Temple’s FOX Consulting Group to help her help more Millennials.

“Seventy one percent of Millennials are dissatisfied at work, and most American Millennials spend their time at work. I knew that if I placed my efforts helping companies, I could impact more Millennials.”- Eugenie

The Quarter Design used FOX Consulting group as a tool to reach new heights. Now, focused on Millennial retention,The Quarter Design is a team of three Millennials providing a service for Diversity Business Coaching.  

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