Soft Skills Series 1:The Great Millennial Divide

There are many positive qualities Millennials bring work culture. Millennials believe in innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership. The Quarter Design partnered with Temple Consulting Services, and found out that the biggest concern that HR managers have with their Millennial employees is their lack of soft skills.

Millennials are history’s first “always connected” generation, so the big question is if they are always connected, why are Millennials unable to communicate effectively?

3 Ways of Disconnection

1. Multitasking

Since Millennials were born they were told that multitasking is necessary for increasing  productivity. Unfortunately, this notion of productivity was not studied during the multitasking crusade. Recently, studies conducted by Stafford University “showed that constant distractions also impact multitaskers’ ability to recall crucial steps involved in a complicated project.”

2. Social Media

Social Media is everywhere and is unavoidable in the workplace. Between, LinkedIn, Facebook, and many others, employees and ceo alike rely on social media to stay connected with their network.  According to a recent survey  Instagram and snapchat is the worst social media network for mental health and wellbeing. Social media can alter individuals well being that can affect their work environment. This can affect their work environment

3. Digital conversations

Between Slack and email. Digital conversations are here to stay.  The issue with digital conversation is the meta conversations that occur. When someone sends a message, the sender put emotion to their writing, but the receiver can’t always interpret the sender's emotions. This creates miscommunication in the workplace.

The Big Question is what do we do next?

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