A Millennial Compliment Sandwich

Millennials crave feedback. In this digital age, companies are spending millions of dollars keeping Millennials engaged. The difference between effective management and transformational leadership is how managers communicate with their Millennial staff. The key to engagement isn’t an app, it’s providing compliment sandwiches.

HR provider TriNet surveyed millennials between the ages of 18-34 and discovered that Millennials want more meaningful feedback. The key to successful communication for millennial is delivering a fresh slice of a  “Compliment Sandwich.”

A Compliment Sandwich is an act of providing feedback loop of things that an employee is doing right and tasks that need improvement. The Quarter Design recommends that bosses use a 3:1 ratio for feedback.


The Case for Compliment Sandwiches

Compliment Sandwiches force managers to craft a constructive conversation. In order to present a compliment sandwich to Millennials managers must reflect on how their Millennial employees operate on a day-to-day basis.  Effective managers use the compliments to identify Millennial strengths and help employees work on their performance gaps.

Managers that focus on scheduling weekly performance reviews to help their employees track their progress enhance their retention. Drafting development plans, and formally providing employees with positive feedback will help Millennials understand their performance gaps.

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