Advice from Successful Millennial Coaches

You become the 5 people you spend your time with. Choose carefully

You are the company that you keep. Over the past year I’ve been very fortunate to work closely with five Millennial coaches. These coaches all have their own specific niche, but their ultimate goal is to provide high quality services and help people achieve their dreams.  In this blog post, I will be talking about the advice they gave me.

Everyone Needs to Understand their Grief

In some point in our lives we have to make major adjustments. We move to different locations, experience a death in our family, or a career change. When we face major adjustments, we have to let go of the past, and create a better future. This is the grieving process. We are grieving over what has happened in the past, and trying to make sense of this new life that we have. Grief Coach, Laura Jackhas spent years building a business helping people understanding their grief after her mother passed away. She talks about how there two ways that people can understand their grief, post- traumatic stress, or post traumatic growth. As a grief coach she helps people rediscover who they are at their core and make an action plan to help her clients thrive with life after loss.

Don’t Make Goals Stressful

Success Coach, Kimberly Rich has helped so many women create specific action plans for their businesses, including myself. What I love about Kim is her lighthearted spirit. I remember coming to her for advice and within five minutes of talking to her, I was on the phone solving my website issue. I even shared a laugh with the website operator! She’s worked with several entrepreneurs and helped them achieve their business goals. For her clients, she makes achieving goals exciting. In Kim’s eyes goals should be exciting and bold.  

Have an Abundant Mindset

Admission Coach, Kaniesha Grayson talks about how you must have a abundant mindset to achieve your dreams. She has successfully helped hundreds of her clients get into Harvard Business School and helped her clients  find scholarships. This is true from her results. "Since 2010, her team has helped her clients win over $3.1 million in merit-based fellowships for the top MPP, MPA, MBA, and JD programs." A big piece of advice that I’ve learned is don’t look at what is front of you, but look at what is ahead.  

Happiness takes a lot of work

Transformation coach, Jackie Vecchio, studies  happiness. In her recentHuffington Post article, Jackie talks about how we create our own happiness.  Jackie, is that happiness comes when we take responsibility for everything we’re experiencing. 

We create our lives from our thoughts and actions. What we think and what we do are how our choices take form and paint our reality

If you’re not enjoying your life, then you need to take a look at the truths you’re operating from.
— Jackie

Being happy is always a work in progress.  

If Your Idea isn't out Yet, Create it

Alice Stapleton, London Life Coach,  Generation Y and Quarter-Life Crisis expert and my mentor taught me if something isn't out in the world, just create it yourself. Last January, I visited Alice in London. I explained my frustrations to Alice about the lack of resources that people with a Quarter Life Crisis have. After five minutes of complaining, she said, "why don't you create a model for Quarter Lifers." It was that simple. After our conversation, I signed up for life coaching school and relaunched my website